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W. S. Haven Ironbound

$3,800 USD

William Stuart Haven was born in Denmore, Galway County, Ireland. He "was as public-spirited as any native-born son of the country. At the outbreak of the Civil War he joined the Confederates, and fought throughout, distinguishing himself on several occasions. [Colonel W.S. Haven] was with the 41st Arkansas Regiment, under General Price. He was a gallant soldier and an efficient officer, ever fighting at the head of his regiment. At the close of the war, he settled Shreveport, La., and for twenty-five years was engaged in active business, bravely facing the hardships of ruined fortune with unflinching fortitude. In 1877 he married Miss Laura McDowell, of New York, and removed to St. Louis, where he afterwards lived.... Colonel Haven was loyal to the cause to the end of his life, and no Confederate soldier of broken fortune ever appealed to him in vain for assistance. He had been in failing health for two years, and in April he went to Hot Springs, Ark...................., to recuperate fo the Confederate Reunion at Little Rock, but on the day before the Reunion opened he was stricken suddenly by death."

"Colonel William Stuart Haven, of 4329 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis, died at eleven o'clock last Sunday morning in Hot Springs, Ark. He was seventy-seven years old. Death was due to heart failure. His body was taken to St. Louis where the funeral was held yesterday afternoon, being in charge of the United Confederate Veterans of which he was a member.

He was a jack of all trades, to say the least, selling a variety of items in his warehouse. He was particularly active in selling paper, diaries and stationary.

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