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R. T. Frazier

$3,500 USD

Born in New Philadelphia, Ohio in 1850 and following his noteworthy participation in the Civil War, Frazier joined the Black Hills gold rush to the Rocky Mountain town of Leadville, Colorado. By the late 1870s RT was working for the Pete Becker Saddlery in Leadville then for S C Gallup in Pueblo 1880 where his talents and hard work allowed him to purchase a partnership interest and the name was changed to Gallup and Frazier. The Partnership flourished for 10 years but the contrasting styles of Frazier and Gallup resulted in its dissolution by 1890 with Frazier opening up his own shop directly across the street. There was, however, ample business for both concerns and R T prospered by realizing the true values of advertising with his saddlery catalogues becoming the "cowboy bibles". Frazier advertised his firm as the largest manufacturer of high-grade saddles in the world and laid claim to the "Original designer, owner and manufacturer of the Famous Pueblo Saddles" - A claim that should be shared with S C Gallup and Tom Flynn. His reputation was not built on advertising alone for R T was an expert saddle maker who was able to back up all his claims and of whom it was said that no one ever found a defect in a Frazier saddle. His saddles were known for their large skirts, high straight bound cantles and fine quality workmanship. (Source: High Noon: Western Americana)

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